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Tickets are priced per ticket and include our service charge and the cost to obtain the ticket. There are no other charges and no taxes on resold tickets. Federal Express shipping will apply if you cannot pick the tickets up at our office.

All internet and phone ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.


Sell Your Tickets- Tips

-- Our agency currently buys tickets for the following events if the event is in demand or we have orders for them:

*Events in demand inside the greater Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose areas.
*Super Bowl
*World Series

-- Tips:

--If your tickets are for events other than the above, try to contact a ticket agency in the city or state in which the event takes place. Save yourself time, don't contact us to sell your tickets unless they fall into the above-mentioned categories.

--GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS:Most re-sale ticket handlers like to deal in preferred seating, not upper levels, or what is referred to as "nose-bleed" seating. If your tickets are in these higher areas, the likelihood they will re-sell is slim. Also re-selling tickets requires time. If the event is a month out or more you have a better chance of someone buying your tickets to re-sell than if the event's date is only a week away.

--You are better off selling your tickets outright to us versus consigning them, because if they don't sell, they are still yours. If you chose to consign them with us and your tickets sell, we pay you the face value plus 50% of the profit.

--You cannot place your tickets on our website yourself, they must be brought into or Federal Expressed to our office so they are physically here and purchased or consigned by one of our agents before they are placed on our site. You can still try to actively find a buyer yourself for your tickets, you just need to call us as soon as you sell them.

--When we agree to purchase your tickets, and you are outside of the Sacramento/Roseville area, we will pay for them to be Federal Expressed to us.

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